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Chris Hemsworth Diagrams a Killer Upper Body Workout Fit For an Action Star

When he’s not flexing his guns on the silver screen, Chris Hemsworth is usually busy polishing them when off. “Guns” refers to his stacked arms, of course, not the weapons he occasionally carries in roles like 2012’s Red Dawn and two barnburners in 2020’s Extraction and 2023’s Extraction 2. Hemsworth shared yet another recent glimpse at how he tailors himself to be one of the biggest, and fittest, action stars on the planet.

On July 25, 2023, Hemsworth posted a comprehensive workout on his Instagram page that seemingly attacks every aspect of the upper body (his back, chest, shoulders, and triceps). From weighted medicine ball slams to arm training, Hemsworth filled in almost every niche and offered his fans a similar path to achieving his spectacular upper body fitness.

Here’s an overview of Hemsworth’s complete upper body workout. There is a detailed warm-up, a superset, and a tri-set all involved with the clear design of pushing one’s physical limitations in the gym in a healthy fashion.

Chris Hemsworth Upper Body Workout | July 2023


Medicine ball slam — 4 x 10 (Rest 30 seconds)


Dumbbell row — 4 x 10 per arm

Push-up — 4 x 15 (Rest 60 seconds before repeating the first exercise)


Renegade row — 4 x 8 per arm

Lateral raise — 4 x 8

Triceps pushdown — 4 x 10 (Rest 60 seconds before repeating the first exercise)

This is far from the first instance Hemsworth has shared his workout trade secrets. As the proprietor of the fitness application Centr, Hemsworth seems to make it a consistent point to stay true to that brand by offering training tidbits that demonstrate his knowledge and his own commitment.

For example, in July 2022, Hemsworth shared a chest-centric workout in advance of the release of Thor: Love and Thunder. He would follow that be sharing a minimal equipment workout on a naval ship in mid-August 2022. That same month, Hemsworth was once again seen on the naval ship issuing a five-round, 50-rep, full-body workout challenge.

Hemsworth has undoubtedly built a reputation for being one of the fittest people in Hollywood. With this latest workout in the account, he continues to spread the gospel of his gym secrets and how others can follow in his footsteps if they so choose.

Featured image: @chrishemsworth on Instagram

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