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2023 Ultimate Scotland’s Strongest Woman and Man Results —  Izzy Tait, Louis Jack Prevail

Izzy Tait and Louis Jack are the respective champions of the 2023 Ultimate Scotland’s Strongest Woman (USSW) and Man (USSM). The contests took place on July 2, 2023, in Grangemouth, United Kingdom, and featured eight strongwoman competitors and 12 strongmen. Both rosters had a docket of five events to tackle en route to the titles Tait and Jack eventually took home themselves.

According to her resume on Strongman Archives, this is Tait’s first career strongwoman win after finishing in the top five at the 2022 and 2023 UK’s Strongest Woman (UKSW). On the strongman side, Jack also captured his first-ever professional victory per Strongman Archives, with a runner-up performance at the 2022 UK’s Strongest Man (UKSM) serving as his previous highlight.

Here are the final standings for the 2023 USSW:

2023 Ultimate Scotland’s Strongest Woman Final Standings

Izzy Tait — 37 points

Laura Baxter — 32.5 points

Hayley Black — 23 points

Steffi Murray — 20.5 points

Sammy Mayhew — 20.5 points

Anastasia Papas — 17.5 points

Dianne Gaughan — 14.5 points

Rosslyn Cole — 13.5 points

Here are the final standings for the 2023 USSM:

2023 Ultimate Scotland’s Strongest Man Final Standings

Louis Jack — 54 points

Chris Beetham — 53 points

Callum Crozier — 50 points

Stephen Jackson — 36 points

Lee Walker — 32.5 points

Connor Monaghan — 32 points

Scott Milne — 29 points

Liam Goldie — 23 points

Peej Greenhough — 23 points

Leon Patterson — 14.5 points

Robert McMillan — 13 points

Mikey Wilson — 4 points

The strongwomen had these five events: Duck Walk for Time, Max Deadlift, Log Lift for Reps, Hornetop Hold for Time, and the Atlas Stones. Tait won the Max Deadlift (250 kilograms/551.1 pounds) and the Log Lift for Reps (18), finishing as the runner-up in the three other events to secure her victory. Tait scored 37 of a possible 40 points.

The strongmen’s events were as follows: Duck Walk for Time, Car Deadlift for Reps, Block Medley Press, Truck Push, Atlas Stones. Jack won the Block Medley Press (four in 42.72 seconds and the Truck Push (31.7 meters) en route to his one-point triumph for the USSM title.

The USSW and USSM aren’t necessarily tentpole competitions in strongwoman and strongman. Nonetheless, getting on the board with their first victories is notable momentum for Tait and Jack as they continue their careers.

Featured image: @izzy_tait_strongwoman on Instagram

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