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2023 America’s Strongest Woman (U82) and America’s Strongest Man (U105) Results — Erin Murray, Jeffrey Lee Reign

Erin Murray and Jeffrey Lee are the respective champions of the 2023 U82 America’s Strongest Woman (ASW) and the 2023 U105 America’s Strongest Man (ASM) contests. The strongwoman and strongman competitions took place on July 22, 2023, in Tinley Park, Illinois, and featured seven participating strongwomen and 13 strongmen on both ends of the spectrum. In a slight veering from convention, both rosters had an identical slate of five events to run through during the single-day strength contest.

According to her resume on Strongman Archives, this is Murray’s third professional strongwoman win in five career contests. Murray’s previous highlight might have been a triumph in the 2021 U73 World’s Strongest Woman (WSW). Meanwhile, Strongman Archives shows Lee’s only prior competition to be placing ninth at the 2021 (U105) Strongman World Championships — and he undoubtedly added to his reputation with the recent victory.

Here’s an overview of the final standings from the 2023 U82 ASW:

2023 America’s Strongest Woman (U82KG) Results

Erin Murray — 30 points

Jessica Mitchell — 26.5 points

Erin Walklet — 23 points

Katie Gutwald — 22.5 points

Cassandra Moore — 18 points

Rachael Peterson — 13 points

Jamie Schamma — 5 points

Here’s a rundown of the final standings for the 2023 U105 ASM:

2023 America’s Strongest Man (U105KG) Results

Jeffrey Lee — 57 points

Zack McCarley — 55 points

Nick Hein — 43 points

Brandon Burley — 39 points

Justin Loy — 39 points

Alec Soukup — 38 points

Dan Hughes — 34 points

Matt Moeller — 32 points

Kevin Candito — 30 points

Michael Congdon — 28 points

Bill Kendall — 26.5 points

Jon Parker — 26 points

Johnny Wasiczko — 7.5 points

The five events featured in both competitors were as follows: Press Ladder, Max Farmer’s Carry, Conan’s Wheel, Ukrainian Deadlift, and the Atlas Stone Series. To distinguish between the strongwomen and strongmen, weights and implements would vary in size depending on the event.

To win her title 2023 U82 ASW title, Murray took first place on the Ukrainian Deadlift (six reps, with a max weight of 199 kilograms/440 pounds) and finished in at least the top three on each of the Press Ladder, Max Farmer’s Carry, Conan’s Wheel, and Atlas Stone Series. Lee, on the other hand, won the Max Farmer’s Carry (26 feet and five inches with 195-kilogram/430-pound implements), the Ukrainian Deadlift (9 reps with a max weight of 308.4 kilograms/680 pounds), and the Atlas Stones Series (five in 27.27 seconds) to win his title.

Consistency near the top of every event appeared to be the name of the game for both successful competitors.

According to a caption of her Instagram post recapping the event, Murray is centering her upcoming efforts on the 2023 U82 World’s Strongest Woman (WSW). Based on the competition’s past precedent, it will likely place sometime in November 2023. At the time of this writing, it is unclear what Lee’s future plans are. All that is certain is that both athletes came home from Illinois with well-earned, prestigious titles.

Featured image: @e.murray_pro.strongwoman on Instagram

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